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We provide what is probably the best dog training around Ammanford

Highly qualified professional coach using kind training methods

 Welcome to St Trainians Where training is games based and fun for all

Welcome to St. Trainian’s School for Dogs which provides highly effective real life dog training for Ammanford Carmarthenshire and beyond.

Adult Dogs & Puppies

The chances are you will never have attended a training class quite like this in our region. Coached by a highly qualified behaviourist, the training methods are specifically designed to help you achieve an awesome dog, and which which will bring out the genius in your dog. If you want to see and understand just how intelligent your dog is, this is the place for you. We operate a very rewarding games based training system. Why games based? Because after 30 years of experience, research, keeping up to date with developments, I have found games based training to be life changing and transformational. Not just for dogs, but for humans too. If you would like to come and watch a class before enrolling, please ask and you will be most welcome.

Delightful Devil - to Awesome Dog

I have never encounted a more caring or knowledgeable trainer then Fran and her classes are absolutely amazing!

Brilliant to Watch

Tracey Philemon, Kindly klipped dog grooming if you are looking for a Dog Training School who uses mondern dog training methods backed up by up to date science and a trainer who has in depth knowledge of how dogs learn, their behaviour and how to teach their humans to, then look no further.


We all enjoyed the classes and have found them very informative, we will carry on the good work and will definitely recommend you in the future.

Calm As Can Be

Being a first time dog owner, proper dog training was essential because i wanted a well behaved dog and didn’t know where to start.

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